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Musings on MANY years in the choral field.  I am passionate about detail and being passionate about your singing. I work with all ages from kids to seniors. I have eclectic tastes and love cross-over concerts, church music, teaching kids to sing, helping adults to make amazing music in community, and I’m very to busy but unwilling to give up any of it. Old favorites Monteverdi, Bach, Barber, Matthew Harris, Mark Miller, Heinrich Schutz. Current passion project: acheive gender equity in programming with favorites like Elizabeth Alexander, Abbie Betinis, Melissa Dunphy, Sarah Quartel, Saral Rimkus, Rosephanye Powell, Dale Trumbore, Mari Valverde and many more!

Now that we are in quarentine, I want to write about Sunday’s music (Grace Episcopal Church, Madison NJ) every Saturday, which I’ve alsways wanted to do, but never had time. I aslo hope to put out some “coming attractions” program notes for Harmonium Choral Society, as we stay connected and energized waiting for when we can sing together again.

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